12 x 12 Insul-Wrap                                                
Ideal for those small jobs where space is not available to wrap with a larger roll.


Spiral wrap with 1.5 overlap
2 pipe 6.1 lineal feet
4 pipe 4.7 lineal feet

 Spiral wrap without an overlap
2 pipe 7 lineal feet
4 pipe 5.4 lineal feet

12 x 20 Insul-Wrap                                            

Our top moving product.  Small enough to handle easily but large enough to tackle almost any project.


Spiral wrap with 1.5 overlap
2 pipe 10.2 lineal feet
4 pipe 7.8 lineal feet

 Spiral wrap without an overlap
2 pipe 11.7 lineal feet
4 pipe 9 lineal feet

*Above coverages are estimated.  Actual results may vary.  Calculations are based on 25% compression on installed material for maximum R-value.

24 x 12 & 24 x 20 Insul-Wrap                       

This 2 foot wide product can be used on equipment, tanks or other odd configurations.



Gas and Oil Wellhead Covers                           

This product can be draped over the top of a new or existing wellhead.  It comes complete with a strap for a tight fit to minimize thermal loss.  The oil wellhead cover comes split and has an area to be cut to fit around any size wellhead and will not interfere with the polish rod.





Propane Tank Covers                                        

This new and improved cover is a one piece design that utilizes our poly encapsulated insulation along the sides and a top made out of foil / double bubble / foil (F/DB/F).  Old designs required the need for a field cut through the poly and fiberglass.  This meant the hole must be taped closed to prevent the fiberglass from getting wet.  Our customers were obviously having a difficult time taping this penetration in sub zero weather.  Our new cover is designed so that the only cutting is done through the F/DB/F eliminating the need to tape in the field.  Using a radiant barrier at the top best utilizes the reflective quality of these types of products as radiant heat loss is higher through a roof than it is through walls.  The foil product actually sits level which creates the air space that is critical for these barrier systems to work.  A matching dome cover is provided and the cover comes with all the straps necessary to hold it in Place.


Insul-Wraps come with a full range of accessories, including; vinyl straps, pull ties and a variety of tapes.

Custom sizes available upon request

 When you need to protect your equipment from freezing use only Nu-West Insul-Wraps available from;






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12" x 12' Insul-Wrap Brochure
12" x 20' Insul-Wrap Brochure
24" x 12' Insul-Wrap Brochure
24" x 20' Insul-Wrap Brochure
Gas & Oil Wellhead Brochure
Propane Tank Cover Brochure



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